iPhone 14: Titanium Body, Goodbye To Notch And No Camera Bump

The well-known leaker Prosser has unveiled new alleged details on the iPhone 14, which could say goodbye to the notch and the protruding chamber, and welcome a new titanium profile.

As iPhone 13 prepares for its debut in stores, with the official presentation set for September 14, the well-known leaker Jon Prosser may have revealed the first details on the iPhone 14 , which, according to his sources, will have a titanium profile and will say goodbye. to the notch and the protruding rear camera .

The alleged information on the iPhone 14 was revealed in the latest video published on the Prosser’s YouTube channel, along with some renderings that should give an idea of ​​what the next generation of Apple smartphones will be like.

According to the information of the Prosser sources, iPhone 14 will not have the notch, or the recess present in the upper part of the smartphone, but only a hole for the front camera, also in line with information shared by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The new models will also have a thicker and titanium body (at least for the Pro version), which should avoid the annoying protrusion of the rear camera.

Also according to Prosser, the volume buttons will be round and will resemble those of the iPhone 4 and 5, while on the bottom there will be a redesigned speaker with elongated grids instead of single holes and the Lightning connector , which should remain at least for some iPhone models 14.

Prosser says that while some aspects of the iPhone 14 may change between now and launch, which is scheduled for September 2022, he is pretty sure that overall the design will be as described by him when mass production begins.

Obviously, as usual, we recommend that you take similar rumors with a grain of salt. Prosser recently nailed the leaks regarding the new iMac and the AirTag design, but he was also wrong about the launch windows and prices of some Apple products. In short, it is a source to definitely take into consideration, but without assuming all the information it shares.


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