LG would develop Apple’s foldable iPhone

There has long been speculation about the foldable iPhone that Apple would be developing. The American firm will thus join Android brands that already have a folding model on the market or are working on one for the future. To develop this phone, the American manufacturer is going to trust LG, which would be the one who provides the folding panels.

These months there have been rumors that suggested that brands such as Samsung or BOE would be responsible for these panels for the device. Although at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

On going

Apparently, Apple is currently testing the prototypes designed by LG and Samsung, to make a final decision on who will be responsible for developing this foldable iPhone, or the panels for it. The firm has tested two types of models, one similar to the Galaxy Fold and another more similar to the Galaxy Z Flip, more compact and that opens in half.

According to the plans of the firm, this device would not be launched on the market until 2023. So it would arrive much later than folding of brands such as Samsung, Huawei and others, since this year several folding are expected in the market.

It will be interesting to see what a foldable iPhone has to offer on the market and what type of phone it will be. Although we will still have to wait a couple of years until it becomes official, if everything goes as planned by the American company. Apple is still not confirming anything about the device.

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