New Information About iMac 2021 and New Mac Pro Revealed

New information has emerged about the iMac 2021 and the new Mac Pro, which will be introduced this year.

Jon Prosser, known for his accurate leaks on Apple products, shared some information about the iMac 2021 and the new Mac Pro with his followers.

Speaking about the new models on the YouTube channel called FrontPageTech , Prosser stated that the iMac 2021 series will come with the color options of the 4th generation iPad Air. According to Prosser, the color options of the new iMacs will be as follows: Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold, Green and Sky Blue.

Sharing the draft images on how these color options will look in the new iMac models, Prosser emphasizes that he does not know what innovations the new models will come with in terms of design for now.

Stating that the new generation models will have thinner bezels, YouTuber also said that the iMacs that will be introduced this year will be powered by Apple Silicon processors and will be offered in two different sizes.

Apart from that, Prosser also made some statements supporting Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman Mac Pro rumors with Apple Silicon. If you remember, Mark Gurman recently stated that Apple is working on a new Mac Pro model.

Indicating that the model in question will be smaller than the current Mac Pro, Gurman also said that the new Mac Pro will be positioned between the existing Mac Pro and Mac Mini. Expressing that this model will host an aluminum case, Gurman states that the new generation model will reminiscent of the Power Mac G4 Cube.

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