New MacBooks Can Wireless Charge iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Apple continues to offer new technologies to users in its current products. The company has now launched a new Mac lineup with custom M1 chips that bring better battery and improved performance. However, according to the latest reports, the company’s plans for the Mac this year are not limited to this. Apple is planning much bigger innovations for the Mac lineup. The company filed a new patent application detailing how to wirelessly charge a MacBook’s iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch.

The patent entitled “Inductive charging between electronic devices” describes how you can wirelessly charge iPhone, Apple Watch and other Apple devices via MacBook. The patent shows the area on either side of the trackpad as wireless charging pads. This means that we can easily place the aforementioned Apple products on the MacBook and charge it wirelessly.

The MacBook houses inductive coils on palm rests that will transmit power. This situation is nothing new as most wireless chargers use this technology. However, the company filed other patents with similar technology. For this reason, we can predict that wireless charging may occur in the near future. Inductive coils can be used not only to charge other devices, but also to charge the MacBook itself. You need to use a wireless charger or cable to charge the MacBook.

Finally, let’s state that the technology is still at patent stage and there is no information about when it will be implemented. However, patent applications also show us that we will be able to start using this technology in the near future.

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