New Samsung Foldable Phones May Have Health Monitoring Sensors

Samsung is working to add health sensors to its future foldable phones. A registered patent shows that Samsung has developed technology to measure blood pressure and other health data with inward foldable smartphones such as Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The patent document contains illustrations showing how monitoring health metrics will work on Samsung foldable phones. A Galaxy Fold design with health sensors placed inside and outside the folded area is also included in the patent. In addition, an explanation reveals that the technology is also possible for clamshell devices.

One of the images included in the patent reveals two sensors placed under the bottom of the flexible display. When users place their index fingers over one or two sensors, the measurement takes place and the results are reflected on the screen. The technology allows the sensors to transmit an image from the fingers to the phone. These transmitted pixels are transformed into pulse wave amplitude and health information is collected using this amplitude transformation model. In addition, the device has the ability to calculate the pressure applied by the finger. To do this, it is enough to find the finger between two foldable screens.

Alternatively, Samsung may decide to place the health sensors outside of the foldable phone. In the case of such a design, the measurements should be made with the palm, not the finger. It may also be possible to take measurements by grasping both ends of the phone. According to the patent, various health measures will be easily accessible by using and developing these technologies in foldable phones. The data that can be measured include blood pressure, vascular age, aortic pressure waveform, stress, fatigue levels and more.

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