First impressions of the Steam Deck, “The sound is REALLY good and the frame rate is perfect”

Developers give their first thumbs up to the console

For almost a week, the studios have already received the dev-kit of the long-awaited Steam Deck and some developers have already released their first impressions through their social networks.

These opinions have been delivered specifically by Twitter, one of them being Mike Rose, who indicates that his Descenders video game works “incredibly” well, obtaining around 50-60 fps with full Ultra gfx activated.

In addition, he left a video showing how the Steam Deck works with the game, which needs a mouse + keyboard, indicating that “the touch screen works, so they can still be played!”

And Cliff Harris goes further, commenting that his game Democracy 4 seems to work right out of the box and that “this is really cool.”

The developers of the X-Plane flight simulator also published an image on their Twitter profile, where they show the support for controls and something that many hope to take advantage of and that is portability, showing the game running on the Steam Deck on a beach.

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