Steam Deck: Valve doesn’t want to stop at just one console, think ahead

The first Steam Decks will be available to the public starting next December and only now the developers are starting to receive their own models. However, Valve is already thinking about the future and states that it intends to continue creating consoles of this type.

As reported by PCGamer, who spoke directly to Steam Deck designer – Greg Coomer -, Valve “hopes this category [of consoles] will become a true category in which multiple choices are available. We intend to continue building consoles of this guy”.

He went on to say, “But we also think it makes sense that other people fill this space. So if we’re right, then there will be more choices within the category, where other manufacturers will participate, making portable PC devices themselves , and calling them. in another way”. That is, potential new consoles from other manufacturers would not be called Steam Deck.

It would be a similar situation to the Steam Machines , which had different names. Coomer, in this regard, said: “Yes, I think it is a similar thing. Except that we do not count on this for the existence of the category, and we are solving the problems ourselves. And we intend to continue to do so.”

Steam Deck

With the Steam Machines, Valve relied primarily on the manufacturing and sales efforts of its partners. In the case of Steam Deck , however, the company is leading the charge in first person, creating its own device and software in one go, with the aim of offering the best possible experience.

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However, Coomer states that Steam Deck is not the only type of game machine that could be created in this “category”. “Someone might want to, for example, do a version that points to long battery life and streaming games from another PC, that would be a pretty cool product. And, you know, it’s just a version we’re not planning on doing right away. , which someone else might want … Lower cost, higher battery, architecturally very different, on a technical level “. Valve therefore hopes that other manufacturers will propose different versions, so as to expand the market and the possibilities.





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