The foldable iPhone could be closer than we thought

Sources in Apple’s supply chain point to the company’s interest in launching a foldable iPhone on the market.

According to the daily Money UDNApple partner Foxconn has successfully completed durability tests on two different folding designs.

Apparently, the two folding iPhone prototypes resemble the Galaxy Z Fold in one case and the Galaxy Z Flip in the other.

Money UDN’s report indicates that the prototypes being tested are not fully functional devices , but rather the chassis and display components.

These areas turned out to be the most problematic in the initial launch of the Galaxy Fold, but apparently Apple’s designs passed quality checks in both cases.

Unlike Samsung, which offers two types of folding smartphones with horizontal and vertical openings, the Money UDN report suggests that Apple will drop one of them and focus on the other.

We do not expect to see this smartphone this year, but we will probably have to wait until 2022.

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