TSMC Prepares To Build 3nm Processor For iPhone 14

Preparing to produce 3nm processors for the iPhone 14 series, TSMC will go into mass production next year.

If you remember, with the report published recently, it was claimed that TSMC was preparing to produce 3nm processors for iPhone 14 modelsToday, according to the report published by DigiTimes, we see that TSMC will start working on 3nm processors this year and will start mass production in the second half of 2022.

For now, no official statement has been made by Apple on the issue. However, according to information obtained by sources close to the company, it is certain that the A16 Bionic processor, which will power the iPhone 14 series, will be produced with a 3nm fabrication process.

The company, which is also stated to be faced with an intense demand from companies for 3nm technology, established a production facility for the 3nm process in the South Taiwan Science Park as you know. This means that TSMC has completed all preparations for the 3nm fabrication process and may soon be in mass production.

It is also noted that the 3nm processors, which are said to host a serious improvement in performance, will also be 30 percent faster and consume 15 percent less power than the 5nm A14 Bionic processor.

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