Fable will have a custom made engine

According to video game developer Playground Games, the upcoming Fable game they are developing will not use Unreal Engine 5.

Media outlet Segment Next states that Playground Games is going to use a custom-made game engine for the upcoming title. The dev team is not going to use a third-party commercial one like the Unreal Engine 5. All rumors about it using one is now debunked with this announcement.

Also, there is a new job listing on the developer’s website. They are looking for a rendering engineer that could help them build it. It specifically says they should be good with C++ and Maths skills, a degree in games programming, computer science, or similar.

With this news, it would take a few more years for this game to get a new announcement or a teaser for the game. At least they are taking their time with this and with their reputation as the ones who made Forza games, the results should be amazing.

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