Ryse: Son of Rome sequel is in development and it might be multiplatform

As revealed by a well-known insider in the Xbox environment, Crytek would have plans to accomplish Ryse 2, the sequel to the hack and slash title released as an Xbox One exclusive, but later also released on PC, and set in ancient Rome.

It is not the first time that there is talk of a possible return of this franchise, given that already in November last year other rumors insisted on a possible development of a sequel to Rice: Son of Rome.

As reported by Wccftech, l’insider Shpeshal Ed of XboxEra during their latest podcast he revealed that he learned of information from a trusted source that would confirm it development of this sequel.

Surprisingly, it may also no longer be an Xbox exclusive – according to what we’ve learned Ryse 2 it could in fact be a title multiplatform.

Shpeshal Ed revealed that this source would be reliable because it would reveal information that has been revealed to him credible, then telling him that a sequel would actually be in the works:

«This person told me, “yeah, there is a new Ryse in development“.

I cannot tell you dates or indications of when things will happen, only that there is a new one Ryse in development, and as I said earlier I have been given images that make me think this person is trustworthy».

The interesting part however is that, as we have already mentioned, it appears that this hypothetical sequel to Rice: Son of Rome would no longer be an Xbox exclusive:

«I know what I’m about to say doesn’t make much sense, but this Ryse would be a cross-platform game and not an Xbox exclusive».

surprise if the sequel were really released on further platforms, obviously remembering that at the moment the news is to be taken only as a rumor.

Should there be further confirmation on a development of Ryse 2, from Crytek or even Microsoft, we will obviously not fail to keep you right away updated with the latest news.

For some players, after all, it may not be so surprising that the possible sequel can also arrive on PS5: we remember that in the past Crytek had not ruled out that the first chapter could also land on the competing console.

Phil Spencer had also expressed himself on the hypothesis of a Ryse 2, highlighting how it was initially received negatively but that, as the months went by, the title was being seen with new eyes.

Instead, fans have been asking Microsoft to finance a sequel for years, so this news, if it were obviously confirmed, would make several people very happy.

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