Mass Effect next-gen: Jennifer Hale wants Shepard back at all costs

After the new Mass Effect was officially announced by BioWare last year, there have been no more news on the new project which for the moment remains completely shrouded in mystery.

It is not known when BioWare will return to talk about the next chapter of Mass Effect, however many fans are hoping for the official return to the old trilogy, thus putting aside the parenthesis represented by Mass Effect Andromeda. Among those who would like a direct follow-up to the classic trilogy is Jennifer Hale, the voice actress of the female version of Commander Shepard (known among fans as FemShep ) in all three episodes of the series.

Speaking to Game Informer, Hale responded with a resounding ” Yes! ” When asked if she would like to see the historic protagonist in action in the next chapter: ” I want Shepard to return to 100%, and I would like to explore more relationships. with, for example, Garrus, Thane, Liara, all of them! “. And he adds: ” I would just like to throw myself back into history in any way, I love it so much “. Even one of the main interpreters of the classic trilogy is therefore exposed to the return to the origins, although for the moment it is difficult to say how BioWare actually intends to move with the next chapter, whose release remains completely shrouded in mystery for now.

Waiting to find out what the future of the franchise will be and if for real we could see Shepard in some way, for the moment all the attention is turned to the remastered collection of the first chapters on PC , PS4 and Xbox One.

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