4A Games, authors behind the Metro saga, are looking for professionals for their “new IP”

Metro is synonymous with quality . Both 2033 and Last Light and Exodus have become icons of both the first-person shooter genre and the video game industry in general, thus erecting the relevance of their IP to more than enviable limits. However, the quality of 4A Games as a developer goes beyond its magnificent series of post-apocalyptic adventures, and gives the impression that they seek to reaffirm this assertion in the hands of a new IP .

In this regard, the company has not yet confirmed what his new project, however, is with what has already been discovered in the past , a new job offer from the team has emerged ,by which has become to mention that the study is working on an unpublished intellectual property . The details, unfortunately, are scarce, plus the job profiles they require are located in both the design area and the artistic area.

Based on the above, it is extremely daring to make estimates of what the newness of the creators of Metro could imply , so we can only settle for knowing that they are gradually continuing to advance in the creation of such a work. Looking ahead, we will be closely monitoring 4A Games’ activity to discover the identity of the product, although we assume it will take a considerable amount of time until then.

Source – 4A Games Careers
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