A jeweler crafted a silver Ring of the Hunt from The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Jeweller Sechil Eldek has been making jewellery for 15 years, and regularly takes on projects related to games in one way or another. The latest such project is the Ring of the Hunt from The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

It took her about three days to make a real version of the Daedric artefact, SecilEldek says. No plastic or anything like that: the Ring of the Hunt is made of real silver.

The services of a blacksmith, however, Sechil is not needed. First, she designed the future ring in the Gemvision Matrix, then 3D printed its wax cast, and then used this cast to cast the final version of the ring.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Due to the unusual shape of the ring – it is not round, but polygonal – Sechil had to tinker. Ordinary rings say the master, are much easier to create: you draw a standard ring in the design system and you’re done.

However, there is a great chance that Skyrim Hunter’s Ring is polygonal due to the limited budget for the number of polygons. One way or another, Sechil decided to recreate the ring exactly as it is shown in the game.

Sechil spent three days only on the very first ring, after running in the technology, the master can make several such rings a day.

It is noteworthy that Bethesda itself produces real rings from The Elder Scrolls – and also made of silver. But there is no particular Ring of Hunt in the company’s store.

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