The Mandalorian Game Reportedly Now In Development

With the success of The Mandalorian , Disney + exclusive Star Wars series, it would be naive to think that there is no possibility of a video game and more because the future of the franchise in the industry seems that it will deliver a significant number of titles . Although there is still nothing, but absolutely nothing about it, about a game by The Mandalorian , a track and a rumor have ignited the hype.


As has happened recently, the furniture in Phil Spencer’s studio has become a metagame as it and its objects are thought to contain clues to possible future announcements. On this occasion, the head of Xbox dedicated a few words in the framework of the start of GamesBeat Summit 2021 and immediately the fans turned their attention to what was in the back.

Well, on the upper shelf, just above the Xbox logo, which by the way shows the Kojima Productions mascot closer to LUDENS, is what appears to be a figure from The Mandalorian , which was initially thought of as the prior to the product debut. However, apparently there is something else because as mentioned moments later by insider Nick “ShpeshalEd” Baker, revealed that, although the figure is not actually from the series, there is a Mandalorian game on the way.

Mandalorian game

Jeff Grubb has posted a new article about diversity within Xbox and Phil Spencer was seen in an update shelf behind him. But people caught on to the fact that there is a Mandalorian Funko Pop on the top shelf. That’s no accident according to Shpeshal Ed from Xbox Era on Twitter.

“Ok. So you’ll notice…there’s a Mandalorian Funko on Phil’s shelf. Yes. Someone is making a Mandalorian game. Not sure who yet. Sorry.”

Update from Ed: “By the way. The Funko was in the last Phil’s shelf pic. I personally never noticed it the first time. But once I saw it this time I asked if I could mention the game and got the ok.”

“Yes, someone is making a Mandalorian game. Not sure who yet. Sorry.”

Another update: “Yeah, there’s going to be a Mando game. But um…that’s apparently not a Mando Funko. I might have just said something I wasn’t supposed to yet.” So apparently the Funko Pop is Arbiter from Halo and not Mando? Idk doesn’t seem like it to me, but he goes on to say that there still is a Mando game in the works. Whew

In the past, Spencer’s shelf contents have been references to Xbox IPs, for example, the executive added a slew of Bethesda items to the display after Microsoft’s acquisition of the publisher.

Gamers have learned to pay close attention to the shelf of Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, who often teases major upcoming gaming announcements with what’s decorating his furniture in the background of his Zoom calls. For instance, he had an Xbox Series S on display months before that was revealed.

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As shared by Reddit user u/SpookyBread1, YouTube creator MrMattyPlays recently mentioned on the Defining Duke podcast that he has heard a first-party Xbox studio is developing a Lucasfilm IP for the gaming platform.

Wolfenstein developer MachineGames is currently in the early stages of development on another Lucasfilm project with an Indiana Jones title on the way. Bethesda and MachineGames parent company ZeniMax Media were acquired by Xbox earlier in the year, making all of its many subsidiaries property of the gaming giant.

However, Matty noted on the podcast that the Indiana Jones game is not the title in question that he was referring to and another game is in development. The popular YouTuber has been known to have connections at ZeniMax Media in the past, leading some to speculate the Lucasfilm title may be developed by one of their many subsidiary developers.

Additionally, the Xbox-owned gaming giant has many unannounced titles already underway, and a Star Wars title could fit nicely into that line-up.


Given the wild success of The Mandalorian on Disney+, It makes a lot of sense for a game centered around a Mandalorian lead to be in development. Given the episodic nature of the story, it would be easy for Lucasfilm to craft an original story in the series’ timeline for a video game that would see Djarin and Grogu travel the galaxy on a new adventure.

However, there are plenty of other Mandalorian characters within the Star Wars universe besides Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin, so it’s possible he might not lead the game. The Mandalorians seem perfectly suited for a Mass Effect-styled RPG title that could allow players to design their own character to take on adventures around the galaxy.

The world of Star Wars will return to game consoles later this year in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Meanwhile, The Mandalorian will release its third season exclusively on Disney+ in 2022.

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