A Microsoft Flight Simulator player on Xbox Series X has almost reached space and show their amazing views

Microsoft Flight Simulator has made it possible to fulfill with excellent precision one of the great dreams of humanity: to fly. Perhaps the phrase is to come a little higher, but not as much as a player who has broken an entire altitude record.

The release of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X has once again revitalized Asobo’s game, which already managed to stand out positively in 2020 on PC. Now, players on Microsoft’s next-gen console are fiddling with the limits of the game.

In case you didn’t know, in Microsoft Flight Simulator you can take a little excursion into space. The feat, which had already been accomplished by some PC gamers, has also been accomplished by a Series X user, who has ascended to the mesosphere.

Straight Up POG, has been the one who has conquered this milestone. In the video that we attach below you can see the whole process that has led him to overcome the clouds and reach a truly impressive altitude.

This can be done with some specific aircraft, the player has used a fighter jet to propel himself to the limits of the game and show the amazing views of the Earth and the black emptiness of space.

The user also shares a series of tips for anyone trying to fly over the skies to that altitude. This test exemplifies not only the community’s ability to overcome any challenge, but the power of Series X when it comes to rendering Flight Simulator.

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