A PlayStation event will be held in two weeks, according to the same Final Fantasy Origin leaker

Last night we received one last surprise at the end of the Square Enix Presents event , and that is that as a final climax we could the announcement of Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin . A title that comes under a somewhat curious premise, since it has not been presented with the same atmosphere as other games in the saga and that other players will know well.

Apparently, it is a new game in the series with souls like touches , being a kind of ” new vision of Final Fantasy ” and with new studies in the franchise. For starters, it is being developed by Tetsuya Nomura and Kazushige Nojima , this is Square Enix Japan and Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo , but in the original news we could also see some of their description.

But now this insider arrives again, Navtra , which already filtered this and other games with enough fidelity a long time ago . And, again through the ResetEra forums , they asked him about the game going into some more specific details. For example, if Final Fantasy XVI was planned to be shown or something like that they would discard in the end.

Something that ended up saying that we would have to wait until Sony announced something , which was the trigger for it to respond: ” Assuming nothing has changed: wait a couple more weeks .” What this would confirm is that the company would have an event planned, perhaps a new State of Play , but still without knowing anything else, as is clear.

Obviously, and despite the fact that it is the same person who leaked this Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin , it should be treated as a rumor until it is fully confirmed.

What would you think of all this ? It would be E3 after all , but Sony is pretty far from the event so it would make sense.

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