A spiritual successor to Bloodborne is in development for PS5 according to whoever leaked Elden Ring years ago.

We have been hearing rumors for many months regarding the development of different projects related to Bloodborne, the acclaimed FromSoftware game for PS4 . Some point to ports for PC or PS5 and others point to sequels for PS4 or PS5 . But the truth is that none of them seem to have much credibility. But today the situation is different and we receive information regarding a spiritual successor to Bloodborne for PS5 that FromSoftware would already have in development. And the best part is that the source of this rumor has been proven correct in the past .

It has been in a 4chan thread (via Ruancarlo Silva on Twitter) where a person has assured that FromSoftware’s next project after Elden Ring is a video game whose code name is Velvet Veil . This project would not be a prequel or a direct sequel to Bloodborne, but something like a spiritual successor with a much improved technical section. If the information is correct, the game would be currently in development exclusively for PS5, would arrive in early 2023 and would be presented to the world after the launch of Elden Ring .

All these details are quite striking by themselves but what makes this leak somewhat different is that this same source seems that in the past it has already proven to have privileged information. Specifically, in 2016 this source anticipated the development of a remastering of Dark Souls for 2017, the development of a virtual reality game ( Déraciné ), a video game similar to Tenchu ​​( Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ) and, what stands out the most , from a new open world Souls ( Elden Ring ).

The success of this source in said leak seems complete (it even talks about the Elden Ring horse that was not made official until just a few days ago) and this gives much more credibility to the new information regarding a spiritual successor to Bloodborne . Despite this, at the moment they are only rumors and we will have to wait for new sources to emerge or for FromSoftware to give more information about it over the months .

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