Alan Wake 2 in “full production”, Control 2 will receive “a much larger budget”

I have not played the mythical Alan Wake, despite how well I know they talk about him and that, in fact, I really want to play it, but I have not had the opportunity. Now, I have played Control, a game that has had generally positive reviews, but also negative ones given some of its shortcomings. And in my opinion, it is a great game like the glass of a pine tree, with an impressive playability and a technical quality enviable by many.

Of course, then, I was very happy when they announced a sequel, especially because I hope they solve the shortcomings of the first title. But it is that, in addition, it was confirmed long ago that they are developing another game with Epic Games, which is thought to be another Alan Wake. They have more projects on the way, but today I’m going to talk about these two.

Current development phase of Control 2 and the title with Epic Games

It has been through this statement where the Finnish company has confirmed a series of data to take into account:

  • The first thing is that the team already has more than 300 employees (not bad, eh?)
  • Control has been a great success and they have managed to surpass 10 million players
  • The new Control game, which would be Control 2, is in a very early stage of development, in which they are still working on the concept of the game.
  • The AAA in collaboration with Epic Games is already in production, so it is much more advanced (and I can’t wait any longer to know if it is Alan Wake 2).
  • They have also confirmed that Crossfire’s story mode will arrive later this year.

When will either of the two projects be announced? Currently, it is very difficult to know, and on the one hand I hope that soon to play them now and, on the other hand, I hope they take time because that way I will know that the games are even more ambitious.

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