Alan Wake Remastered is heading to Nintendo Switch! The Brazilian Ministry of Justice mentions the game

Remedy Entertainment may prepare a surprise for Nintendo Switch fans. Alan Wake Remastered is to hit the Nintendo platform according to the Brazilian equivalent of PEGI. If the message is confirmed, the game may turn out to be a great proposition for many fans of portable gaming.

Alan Wake Remastered was officially announced by Remedy Entertainment, but at least currently the game is heading exclusively to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and personal computers. 

However, we can suspect that this is not the end and Remedy Entertainment is preparing another release. Alan Wake Remastered on Nintendo Switch was found in the database of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security in Brazil.

The office in this country is responsible for the classification of games and basically works like the European PEGI. On the site you will find information such as “not recommended for children under 14” and the production of Remedy Entertainment contains horrific elements and violence.

This is not yet confirmed news, but often similar leaks are confirmed and at some point companies present new releases of their titles.


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