Alan Wake Remastered has appeared in Taiwan’s Rakuten! The game will debut on October 5

It seems that in a month’s time we will be able to enjoy the refreshed version of Alan Wake – this is what the Rakuten Taiwan product card suggests.

This year is marked by more information about one of the most famous brands from Remedy Entertainment, i.e. the adventures of Alan Wake. Every now and then there is information about the work on the sequel ( even Jeff Grubb mentioned it) , and in June Alan Wake Remastered was discovered in the Epic Games Store database . This, of course, kindled the hearts of the fans very much.

Now, however, we have received specific information! A refreshed version of Alan Wake appeared in Taiwan’s Rakuten! Importantly, we also got a release date and if it’s real, the long-awaited game will debut on October 5, which is exactly a month from now! The project is to appear on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S!

Moreover, Daniel Ahmad, a well-known insider and industry analyst at Niko Partners, mentioned on Twitter that the project would be announced next week . So we can get ready for the production trailer and show how much refreshing Alan Wake Remastered will turn out to be compared to the original installment, which turned 11 years old this year.

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