Alleged new Elden Ring leaked footage (Could be a part of the past leaks)

Top Edit: Right now this is the best version of the leak uploaded by the reddit user who has been confirmed to have original version of the leak.

Also here is a 4k upscale by u/FlannOff

Link to the thread

Obviously take this with a grain of salt since it is 4chan but regardless the video in question is almost identical to to the videos that got leaked 2 months ago.

Edit 1: Jeff Grubb has said that he has seen the leak but that he doesn’t know what to think of it. However, he has not specifically said when exactly he saw the leak so yeah.

Edit 2: A reddit user named u/Whole_Answer7728 has posted this claiming that it is the “raw and unedited version” of the leak but it got removed. This one has audio.

Edit 3: The video that u/Whole_Answer7728 has posted is actually larger than the leak on 4chan as you can see the light reflecting off of the monitor to the left where in the original you cannot see that. Which leads me to believe that this is actually the original version of this “leak”.

Edit 4: This post has been unremoved by the moderators and if you look very closely there is sunshine being reflected by the monitor on the left side of the video while in the 4chan leak there is no such thing and this one also has audio so I accept this as being legitimate version of this “leak”. The user also claims that the original resolution of the video he has on his hands is 576×320 which matches the old leaks.

That clip seems like it’s one of the few missing clips from the entire video where someone combined all four leaked clips from a few months ago

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