Amazon’s New World is off to a good start. More players report problems with the GPU

The closed beta of New World has been going on for several days, and players who have placed pre-orders, among other things, participate in it. It turns out that the new Amazon Game Studios offer is very popular at an early stage.  The title at its peak yesterday had over 200,000 players active on the servers. There is no doubt that fans of the genre eagerly began testing the new proposal, which will debut on the market at the end of August.

However, the MMORPG did not avoid some problems. Last week, we mentioned the damage to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards during the game. The developers quickly reacted to the matter and  strongly denied that the inconvenience was caused by the game. As it turns out,  other beta participants report GPU failures after getting to know New World. Not only RTX 3090 users are experiencing problems:

Meanwhile,  EVGA is also quick to react  – the company has  confirmed that it intends to help players and has started shipping the first RTX 3090s to customers whose hardware has been damaged. The manufacturer’s actions are, of course, the most praised, but the fact that the cards are changed so quickly is a bit puzzling, while it is still not entirely clear what is the cause of the problem.


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