Amazon’s New World Release Date Delayed Again

Amazon Game Studios has not had the best of luck in the video game industry and this was again in evidence today. We say so since it was confirmed that New World, its PC MMO, was again delayed.

Through a statement, Amazon Game Studios announced that New World will arrive on August 31, 2021. Recall that this project was originally going to debut in May 2020; then it was moved to August 2020 and later suffered another delay to spring 2021.

The question now is, what is it that caused this delay of New World? As explained by Amazon Game Studios, this is a decision that was made because developers need more time to implement endgame features and make sure everything works correctly.


It is worth mentioning that Amazon Game Studios wants to put New World in the hands of more players before its release.

What happens is that the company announced that there will be a closed Beta of New World, which will begin on July 20. To access this trial period you must set aside New World.

In the New World Closed Beta players will have the opportunity to try out new content such as endgame zones that are not yet available in Alpha. You’ll also have access to 20v20 battles and new 5-player adventures.

And to you, what did you think of this delay? Do you think this will be the last time the New World release date is changed ? Tell us in the comments.

New World is in development for PC.

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