Apex Legends: Cryo grenades on the way, according to a leak

The balances of Apex Legends firefights could soon be shaken. According to a leak , in fact in the near future the developers of Respawn Entertainment will introduce cryo grenades .

The indiscretion comes from Shrugtal, a well-known leaker for EA’s battle royale, which thanks to datamining has found a new grenade model in the game files of the latest update. The shape is similar to the Termite, but the colors are totally different and tend towards the sky blue. The ” cryo_freeze_progress ” label also suggests that it is a freezing grenade.

According to the leaker, the cryo grenade should therefore work in a very different way from the incendiary one, generating an explosion first and then a “freezing” area that will cause damage over time to anyone inside it. A tool that, at least on paper, in the right hands and in specific situations could subvert the outcome of a firefight.

It must be said that similar leaks must always be taken with pliers, waiting for official news from the developers of Respawn Entertainment. In any case, it could prove to be a good news for next season.
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