Apex Legends leaks a key detail related to its upcoming new map “Tropics”

The first teasers for Apex Legends season 10 have arrived and, in fact, based on leaks, there was already quite a lot of information about the next season. However, what I am going to talk about today goes beyond what may come in season 10 (except for great surprise, which I doubt a lot), because I will talk about a new map that has been rumored since season 7 at least , as it was in the code names.

We are talking about the map called “Tropical Island”, or at least that was the name that this supposed map received in the code. In fact, until these days nothing else has been known about that map, but now it has reappeared in the code and, not only that, but a very relevant image has appeared.

Apex Legends: from “Tropical Island”, we go to “Tropics”

It was the dataminer Garret who has shared an image and a message on Twitter where he points out that there will also be Tridents on a new map called “Tropics”. The Tridents, for those who do not know, are the floating vehicles that we can find in Olympus and were introduced in season 7. What is relevant about the Tridents? Well, they are covered in dust, which makes it seem that “Tropics” will be a place that has little to do with Olympus and will very possibly be somewhat swampy and / or sandy (or tropical, go).

The difference is very subtle, but it is clear that the next Apex Legends map will be grittier than Olympus. Will it arrive in season 10? Surely not, but Respawn has already confirmed to my partner that they are working on new maps.

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