Apex Legends: Private lobbies are still in development

Apex Legends continues its evolution path and Respawn Entertainment recently reported that it is still working on private lobbies , with the option that seems to be still in development , after numerous requests in this regard from users.

In a recent update by game director Chad Grenier , the developer of Respawn confirmed that the team is currently working on private lobbies and the possibility of organizing private matches between players, but at the moment there is no precise timing yet. for the launch of the new option.

Among the news, it emerged that the Arena ranked mode will evolve within Apex Legends season 10 , but among those that could arrive in the next period there is precisely the question of lobbies and private matches, of which, however, the precise times.

At the moment, private matches in Apex Legends can only be organized through the use of specific codes, which are provided directly by Electronic Arts and can be given to content creators, companies or at special events such as tournaments and the like. This obviously makes it impossible to organize private matches in a standard way by any player, which is why users have been requesting this feature for some time.

Apparently, the option is under development and we therefore expect to know when it will be made available. Meanwhile, Apex Legends Season 10 is expected to kick off this summer, probably around August 3 , pending an official announcement. In the meantime, we refer you to our special on the strongest Legends in Season 9 , while the news on the game will probably be illustrated during EA Play Live 2021 , next week.

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