Apex Legends Sees Heirloom Weapons Leaked for Revenant and Rampart

After a long time of waiting, season 9 of Apex Legends has finally arrived and, with it, a new update loaded with many very important news, possibly marking a before and after in the game. But beyond all the new out there, we have already said that there is a new update, and that is music to the ears of the dataminers.

Some data miners have already gotten down to work with everything that the code of the Apex Legends update hides, and the truth is that they found many quite interesting details, such as nothing more and nothing less than two relic weapons that are already in development.

Two New Apex Legends Heirloom Weapons

Relics are those special melee weapons that add new animations and are unique to each legend. Only a few characters own one, and the most recent to receive it was Bangalore. Now it’s unclear who will be next, though dataminer GarretLeaks appears to have found two relics for Revenant and Rampart. Revenant’s appears to be in a more advanced development, and looks like a kind of scythe. However, the Rampart is still in a very, very early state and it looks like it will be a kind of tool, something that fits perfectly. You can see them below:

It is worth mentioning that they have not found details about an upcoming collection event, something that is common to see at the beginning of each season. In any case, it is likely that there will be more updates soon so we will keep you informed of any news about Apex Legends.

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