Apple is poaching Xbox engineers to make it’s own console

Apple is poaching Xbox engineers to make it’s own console

According to journalist Jez Corden, Apple would have tried to steal some engineers from Xbox to make its own console.

In the latest episode of The Xbox Two podcast, journalist Jez Corden revealed that according to some of his sources , Apple would try to steal some engineers from Xbox to try to make its own console .

Corden does not know what kind of console it is or it was (it may have even been abandoned) or if it has to do with current Apple services or with the much talked about metaverses in which the big tech companies are throwing themselves headlong. The only information in his possession, coming from Microsoft circles, is that the Cupertino house was looking for specialized personnel for the project.

Would an Apple console at this stage make sense? Hard to say. Its devices are heavily used for gaming, especially iPhones and iPads, so a console could be an overlay whose success would not be taken for granted. In any case, given the constant expansion of the video game market and the new technologies arriving, a dedicated hardware could make sense, at least to give privileged access to all the services related to the company’s video games.

Whether or not this is done is not certain, so let’s not take it for granted, also because we are in the field of rumors as well. In case we talk about it again in a few years, since from what Corden says, everything would still be in its early stages.

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