Avowed is different from Skyrim, Phil Spencer wants it to be the best Obsidian game

Avowed remains a somewhat mysterious object, despite being undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games among those in development at Xbox Game Studios, given that it is the new RPG from Obsidian: therefore we welcome with curiosity some statements from Phil Spencer , who wanted to specify how the game will differ from Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls series in general.

Those who know Obsidian already know how much their RPGs can be very different from Bethesda ones, which is also visible in the different interpretation of the same series with Fallout: New Vegas compared to Fallout 3 , so the risk of overlap and comparison with The Elder Scrolls is always relative state, but there is no doubt that a first-person RPG with a fantasy setting carries with it an almost obligatory comparison with the Bethesda series.

Now that both companies are inside Xbox Game Studios and Phil Spencer can touch both brands, we can hear what he has to say about it: “Avowed is going to be a fantastic new core fantasy RPG ,” he said. explained the head of Xbox, as reported by CoreXbox.

“It will have substantial differences with The Elder Scrolls series and also with what has been done in the past. My plan is to give the team all the time and resources they need to develop the game, because I want them to this new title is Obsidian Entertainment’s best product . “

For the moment, all we have seen of Avowed remains the teaser trailer that was shown at the time of the first Xbox Showcase on Xbox Series X , but according to some Obsidians it would be ready to show it soon , although the release is likely around 2023.

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