Avowed could be Obsidian’s Psychonauts 2, for an insider

For an insider, Avowed could be Obsidian Entertainment’s Psychonauts 2 and turn out to be a great masterpiece.

According to the insider Klobrille, avowed could become the Psychonauts 2 of Obsidian Entertainemnt , ie its best title, capable of showing the true capabilities of the study with a budget triple A.

To realize this, just look at the great Obsidian games of the past, made in much worse economic conditions, with much less money and with shorter development times. Microsoft doesn’t guarantee infinite funding, but it is certainly providing the firm with resources it never had.

In addition, Avowed will be Obsidian’s first triple A in which developers can only focus on the game. A good test of these new possibilities was definitely Grounded , which is doing very well despite being a very small title, entrusted to a team of only fifteen people.

For Klobrille, Avowed won’t be the most technically impressive game ever, just like Psychonauts 2. It’ll be cool, but it’ll keep the studio’s tradition of excelling in other areas: setting, storytelling, quest design, script and combat.

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