Back 4 Blood: Over 5.6 million players participated in the beta

Turtle Rock Studios has released a new Back 4 Blood video with which it shared some interesting data from the testing phase that took place a few days ago. Among these, what certainly stands out the most is that over 5.6 million players participated in the open beta .

For the occasion, the studio thanked all those who participated and promised to be working to continue improving the game, also thanks to the feedback received, before the debut in stores.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Back 4 Blood beta was attended by over 5.6 million players, who have eliminated the beauty of 6.2 billion poor and innocent standard infected and as many as 164 million special zombies. Also according to the data shared by the study, players have participated in more than 548,000 PvP matches and hit weak spots 35 billion times.

The Fire Ax was the most used melee weapon, while the M4 is a favorite among guns. The most used character was Walker, but as we know in the beta there were only five of the eight characters that we will be able to play in the full game.

We remind you that Back 4 Blood will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC starting October 12. The game has already entered the gold phase , so the risk of postponement is practically nil.
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