Back 4 Blood requires a constant connection to the servers – even when playing solo

Turtle Rock Studios is getting ready to launch Back 4 Blood. Although the developers made an excellent decision regarding the division of add-ons , not everyone preparing to get rid of zombies will be happy with the solutions related to the servers. Back 4 Blood is another game that we won’t play without a network connection.

Developers confirmed that “they are wondering how they could support offline mode in the future” , but from the premiere it will be necessary to have network connections to play any of the variants of the Back 4 Blood gameplay.

Back 4 Blood is based on a cooperative struggle, but in similar titles there are cases when we cannot connect to the servers. In this situation, offline play would be the most convenient solution.

It is worth remembering that Back 4 Blood will be available in Xbox Game Pass from its debut . At the last conference, Microsoft presented the game and confirmed the positive news.

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