Back 4 Blood on Xbox Game Pass for all customers

Back 4 Blood on Xbox Game Pass for all customers

Back 4 Blood is available to all players starting today. Fans of Turtle Rock Studios production can jump on the servers to face more monsters – as part of the service, the title can be checked by users of four platforms.

Yesterday we informed about the possibility of entering the Back 4 Blood servers early , however, currently you do not need to change the region of your account, and the position is available for additional users. Thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, you will get to know the title on the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, personal computers and mobile devices.

Turtle Rock Studios is another offer from the AAA segment, which we can check thanks to the Microsoft subscription. The title offering the fight against zombies in the world affected by the epidemic can be boldly included among the most interesting October premieres.

Back 4 Blood is received quite positively, although journalists emphasize that the production is ideal for cooperative gameplay and will not necessarily appeal to fans of single-player fun. Therefore, placing the game in the Xbox Game Pass library could have turned out to be one of the better decisions and a certainty of the right audience.

Turtle Rock Studios is a team specializing in creating gameplay with friends in mind, and Back 4 Blood can provide the best experience for cooperation enthusiasts.

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