Back 4 Blood without the Versus campaign. Fans will not be able to compete against other players on the servers

Although the long-awaited premiere of Back 4 Blood is scheduled for October 12 this year, the team from Turtle Rock Studios has prepared quite a nice demo for fans, which can be checked on various devices. Anyway, the expectation is heated by the fact that the game has been perfectly optimized – there is definitely something to wait for.

The project has long been called “the spiritual heir to the Left 4 Dead franchise,” but it looks like it won’t have one of the modes fans have fallen in love with. We are talking about the Versus Campaign, where players were divided into two teams – infected and survivors – and faced each other in selected missions, fighting for victory. The element of competition did its job, so the popularity comes as no surprise.

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Information about the lack of the mentioned mode came out on Twitter overnight, when one of the users shared a response from Chris Aston, one of the developers of the game, whom he caught on Discord. When asked about the popular formula of the game, he emphasized that it would not necessarily be good , because the developers focused on adjusting defensive actions as well as possible and they are the key.

Back 4 Blood


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