Battlefield 1 will be free next week, according to an insider

Battlefield 2042 , the delivery of this 2021, is already a reality; Electronic Arts presented the new video game of the franchise a few weeks ago with gameplay included , and little by little new details about the delivery in question have been shared. The impact generated with the presentation of it has been felt even in other IP games such as Battlefield 4 , although now it seems that Battlefield 1 will be the next to be affected .

Battlefield 1 will accompany us in the wait until Battlefield 2042 (or so it seems)

Then I leave you with the tweet of the popular insider Tom Henderson , and according to this Battlefield 1 it will be free to download next week:

It should be noted that in a later tweet Henderson mentions that, quite possibly, this offer will only be available to PC players (although without completely ruling out Xbox and PlayStation users). In any case, if it is fulfilled, it would be a great move by Electronic Arts with the idea of ​​continuing to fan the hype of the franchise until the launch of Battlefield 2042.

On the other hand, we must not forget that in ‘not so positive news’ it was recently announced that the beta of the aforementioned Battlefield 2042 should end up being delayed for a particular reason: crossplay (which will only cover systems of the same generation in this case ). In the following tweet you will find all the explanations that were given at the time about this decision:

Ultimately, I will remember that it will not be until October 22, 2021 that Battlefield 2042 will see the light of day for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC . In such a way, Battlefield 1 could really become a great travel companion for this final stretch to the new war experience from Electronic Arts.

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