Battlefield 2042: 1 specialist, 2 maps and more each season, according to a leaker

There are still three months left until the launch of Battlefield 2042 , a period that Electronic Arts and DICE will take to reveal all the main features of the product. Once again, however, their plans may have been turned upside down by well-known leaker Tom Henderson, who took to Twitter to talk about post-launch support.

Battlefield 2042, as already announced in the announcement phase, lacks a traditional single-player campaign , and is intended to expand on a regular basis with a system of Seasons , now present in all multiplayer games of the contemporary videogame landscape. Henderson, a leaker who has earned the fame he enjoys thanks to numerous spot-on forecasts, intervened on Twitter to reveal the first details relating to post-launch support, obviously not yet officially confirmed.

According to him, each Season of Battlefield 2042 will introduce a new Specialist , two new maps, two Portal maps, a story-driven update of the Hazard Zone mode, 6-8 weapons for each game mode, 2-3 vehicles for each game mode. and 100 seasonal levels to climb to unlock new rewards, all completely free … At first glance, the amount of content seems more than adequate to keep gamers glued for months and months, but to be sure of the veracity of the information we must necessarily wait for an official announcement.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that a few days ago the Portal mode of Battlefield 2042 was announced , a sandbox tool that will allow players to create and participate in highly customized matches on six classic maps in the series from Battlefield 3, 1942 and Bad Company 2. The game is scheduled to launch on October 22 on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC, while Battlefield 2042 will open beta in September .

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