Battlefield 2042: the tech test runs better on Xbox than on PC

The tech testing of Battlefield 2042 apparently runs better on the Xbox than on PC , and the difference was significant according to initial evidence presented by the leaker Tom Henderson.

Canceled on PS5 due to a critical issue, the Battlefield 2042 beta test probably shows the game still in a preliminary phase, devoid of the technical optimizations that will certainly come between now and launch.

We could explain in this way the disappointing performances of the DICE shooter on the Windows platform, where the various episodes of the series have always been able to show excellent things on the graphic front.

Of course, there are also those who think that the already quite solid performance of Battlefield 2042 on the Xbox Series X | S is due to the commercial agreements linked to the promotion of the game on the Microsoft system.

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That said, it is still early to draw any kind of conclusion: there are already several leaks of the game on the net and we are reasonably convinced that the situation will improve rapidly also on PC and especially on PS5, for the moment excluded from the tests.


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