The Battlefield 2042 Beta does not require PS Plus to play online, require Xbox Live Gold

There is more information about the Battlefield 2042 tests. Players will download over 15GB of data, but from the beginning we will not get full cross-platform fun. The creators are still refining the function.

DICE yesterday announced the date of the Battlefield 2042 open tests and next week the first players will jump onto the servers. The Swedish studio wants to test the game for a few days and we will try the shooter on all platforms while playing.

However, we still cannot count on the full experience and equal treatment of all users. The IGN editors confirmed that while the Battlefield 2042 beta will not require PlayStation Plus to run, we will still need Xbox Live Gold to enjoy the gameplay – which is strange considering Microsoft is in the business of advertising the shooter.

The beta files landed again on Sony’s servers and according to the latest information – the PS5 version of the game is to be over 16GB. It is not a lot, but we must remember that in this case we will only see a fragment of the production.

Tom Henderson, who received information about cross-play, also spoke about Battlefield 2042 – the feature will be available in the beta, but not for teams, so at least currently players with PS5 and XSX | S will not be able to run together in one team.

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