Battlefield 2042, are bots too strong and numerous? Disgruntled players

Battlefield 2042, are bots too strong and numerous? Disgruntled players

We hope DICE is capitalizing on all the complaints unleashed by the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta , which appears to be anything but perfect. The test client has in fact brought out numerous problems which, albeit attributed to a months old code, are causing players to worry considerably.

In addition to issues with bugs, glitches, network stability and performance, there seem to be some issues with bot balancing as well . Battlefield 2042, remember, is the first game in the series to include soldiers governed by Artificial Intelligence in multiplayer games, a choice resulting from the expansion of the number of participants up to 128 and the consequent difficulty in filling every single lobby. The goal is not to leave holes in the formations and to give players the impression of being in a large-scale battle at all times.

Well, it seems like these bots don’t work all that well. To begin with, according to the first testimonies they are too numerous : one of the images at the bottom, for example, portrays the summary of a game in which just 8 real players have found space. Furthermore, they sometimes appear to be too strong and intelligent , capable as they are of killing real people instantly. In any case, there are also problems: sometimes they behave erratically, others do not even engage in combat.

In short, it seems that DICE has a lot of work to do in view of the release, already postponed once. Battlefield 2042 is now expected to launch on November 19, 2021 on PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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