Battlefield 2042 could include a “remake” of the multiplayer of previous installments

Just a few hours ago, the official reveal of Battlefield 2042 , the new video game in the franchise, arrived. EA and DICE left us with various details of the work including the expected release date of the video game. However, the company had several tricks up its sleeve. On the one hand, the revelation of the gameplay was placed on June 13, during the Xbox and Bethesda conference . But on the other hand, from DICE they left aside a third game mode that the title will have and that today could have been leaked .

A game mode with classic maps, weapons and vehicles?

It has been Tom Henderson who has ensured that he has received information regarding the third game mode of Battleffield 2042 , for now unknown to the general public. Although he has not been able to confirm the accuracy of the information 100%, Henderson has shared the details assuring that they are a possibility. You can find it all below.

  • Battlefield 2042’s third game mode has been confirmed to be “a love letter to the community.”
  • This mode would be Battlefield Hub and would include classic maps, weapons, and vehicles .
  • The new game mode would allow Battlefield 2042 to include the multiplayer of other installments technically with a kind of remake of different elements such as weapons and vehicles
  • The leak includes documents and images that have not come to light but give it a certain veracity
  • The presentation of this new mode would be scheduled on July 22
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