Battlefield 2042, Beta: EA shares down due to criticism on Reddit

Battlefield 2042, Beta: EA shares down due to criticism on Reddit

EA’s stock fell sharply on Wednesday due to criticism made on Reddit over the Battlefield 2042 bugs.

Although the Battlefield 2042 open beta has received generally positive reviews, Reddit posts criticizing bugs and technical problems apparently hit hard on Electronic Arts’ stock prices, which on Wednesday saw the value of the shares decline. 7% , partially recovering yesterday.

According to market analyst Doug Creutz, the reactions of players to the problems of the beta on Reddit, and the consequent echo effect on social networks, have scared shareholders, which would explain the negative value recorded on Wednesday 7 October. An exaggerated reaction in his opinion, so much so that on Thursday 8 October the prices rose by 2.6%.

For obvious reasons, the titles published by the company affect its value on the stock exchange, especially when we talk about a heavyweight like Battlefield 2042. For example, last month the shares had dropped for a short period when the publisher had announced the postponement of the game from October. in November .

” On Reddit, negative reviews get more attention regardless of the game. There are a lot of posts in both the Battlefield and Battlefield 2042 subreddits with positive impressions ,” says Creutz.

The analyst also states that the game will probably improve from now to launch, which is confirmed by DICE itself , and that regardless of the technical problems, it is enjoying good success among the public. For example, on Twitch the beta peaked at 339,000 concurrent viewers , where competitor Call of Duty: Vanguard had stopped at 181,000 with its beta testing phase.

” Analyzing the video game sites and all social media, although the unanimous consensus is always the ideal scenario, the general reaction for the beta is still more positive than negative “, says Creutz, adding that according to his predictions Battlefield 2042 will achieve excellent sale.

After all, we can summarize the analyst’s thinking with the saying “a falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest”. Undoubtedly the Battlefield 2042 beta suffers from bugs but ultimately these may have overshadowed the qualities of DICE’s shooter.


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