Battlefield 2042: Almost the entire team is working on its rebirth

Battlefield 2042: Almost the entire team is working on its rebirth

The early months of Battlefield 2042 proved incredibly difficult, but DICE hasn’t given up yet: one of the development team members has ensured that almost the entire workforce is committed to the resurgence of the FPS.

The interventions made since last November to date have not been able to prevent the free fall of Battlefield 2042 , which has seen most of its gamers move away from the servers . The introduction of the Points Table was of little use , one of the most disputed shortcomings at launch, and the resolution of the main bugs were of little use: to regain the trust of long-time fans, much more is needed.

DICE knows it well, for this reason it has prepared a Battlefield 2042 patch containing 400 fixes (coming next week) and has put almost all of its developers to work on future updates . This was declared by Frederik Drabert in response to a direct question from a player. The Game Designer of the Swedish studio assured that “almost all” DICE employees are working on Battlefield 2042 with the aim of improving it “in very different areas” . The programs also include a “rework of the specialists” , which will not be removed, but made much more interesting.

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