Battlefield 2042 Insider Says Battle Royale Mode May Still Happen

The sixth installment in the Battlefield saga was formally announced a few weeks ago, and while it was mostly well received by its fan base, there were some who criticized the absence of a Battle Royale in the title. However, one insider says it can still happen.

Battlefield 2042 , developed by EA and DICE, is already considered one of the most anticipated games of the year, even though it does not include a battle royale mode. However, this issue does not seem to worry Tom Henderson, the insider who said that such a way can come in the long term.

According to Battlefield 2042 expert Henderson, a Battle Royale in the title could still exist. Let us remember that for now a mode called Hazard Zone has been confirmed, of which not many details are known and of which the insider predicts that if that game option does not end up convincing the players, it is likely that those responsible will decide to transform it into an experience of more traditional battle.

Despite the lack of the requested mode, Battlefield 2042 remains a very promising title, although there is no doubt that a Battle Royale would add a very interesting bonus to the game.

There is still much to know about this new Battlefield title that will be released on October 22 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series S / X, Xbox One and PC. Meanwhile, we have to wait until EA Play Live on July 22, where Electronic Arts will surely show more details about this and other projects.

Do you think Battlefield 2042 needs a Battle Royale mode? Tell us in the comments.

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