Battlefield 6 to Feature Unscripted Skyscrapers Destruction – Rumor

It is confirmed that Electronic Arts is already working on a new Battlefield installment. DICE will be handling this new game, and while there are not many official details about the project yet, there is already unofficial information circulating online and the details are promising as they indicate that the destruction will be taken to a new level.

That’s what Electronic Arts had promised in a recent investor presentation. Games in the Battlefield franchise are known for these massive fighting and destruction, but it was unclear what the company meant by it.

Thanks to unofficial details of the renowned and successful informant _TomHenderson_ , we know that in the new installment of Battlefield (known unofficially as Battlefield 6 ) it could be possible to destroy buildings or skyscrapers.

We say this because the user shared on Twitter a couple of images with which it is hinted that in the new game there will be the possibility of dynamically destroying buildings, something that will take the destructive quality of the games in the franchise, precisely, to another level.


In case you don’t know, we will tell you that the destruction of buildings is already possible in some Battlefield installments. One of the examples in Battlefield 4, in which it is possible to do so thanks to the Levolution feature, which consisted of manipulating some elements of the environment in favor of the player in order to have an advantage during confrontations. These game mechanics allowed a great destruction in the levels, but they were scripted or preset.

We invite you to take this information as a possibility, because so far neither Electronic Arts nor DICE have spoken about the game. However, it is important to also say that _TomHenderson_ is a well-known insider who has got his predictions right. A few months ago, for example, he hit the price for the PlayStation 5 long before it was officially revealed.

What do you think of this information? Are you a fan of the Battlefield series ? Tell us in the comments.

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