Bayonetta 3: a small update on the status of the works arrives

Years have passed since the announcement of Bayonetta 3 , the third installment of the beloved PlatinumGames series arriving exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Over the last few days, a series of details have been published that allow us to know more about how the work on the project is progressing.

The editorial staff of the Video Games Chronicle portal has in fact contacted PlatinumGames to receive some new information on the game, which has now disappeared from the radar for too long.

Here is the response from the developers:

“If you remember the last time we said that, despite everyone asking us about Bayonetta 3, we would not have talked about it for quite some time. Unfortunately things have not changed and it is not up to us to decide what to say and when to say it.”

“There’s nothing to worry about right now. It’s okay.”

The statement by the software house may have hinted that the game is not behind with the work and that it is Nintendo that does not want to show the product to the public yet. In any case, the developers continue to confirm that there are no problems with the project and that everything is proceeding in the best way.


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