BioShock ? Mortal Kombat Film Writer To Bring Major FPS To Film

Video game adaptations to the world of cinema have turned out to be very successful in recent years. Thanks to the good reception, today there are several projects in development. If you are a fan of what was achieved with the latest live-action Mortal Kombat movie , then we have good news for you, as the scriptwriter of that project is working on a new adaptation of a very important video game series.

The most recent live-action Mortal Kombat movie debuted in April and in addition to breaking a record, it was well received by audiences and critics . This is good news for its screenwriter, Greg Russo , who has just confirmed that he will be working on a new project.

This creative is not strange in this type of adaptations, but has been involved in several similar projects, such as the Saints Row film and Space Invaders , which are still in development.


Due to the above, there are high expectations for the scriptwriter’s new project, which he has just confirmed through social networks. What is most striking is that this new adaptation will be “one of the greatest FPS games [first person shooter games] of all time.”

Another important detail is that Russo will not only be in charge of the script, but also of the direction of the project, so he is excited by the creative control that he will have.

Russo did not share more details about it, but anticipated that more information will be available very soon.

“Long time no tweeting. Excited to say that I am closing a deal to adapt one of the greatest FPS games of all time, but not just writing it, but this time DIRECTING it too! Excited for creative control. The details will really come in. soon. Much love, “commented the creative.


From how Russo refers to the production, it is not confirmed that it will be the first time that this undisclosed IP will appear in the cinema, but, if we take into account the small number of FPS movies in the cinema, we can say that it could well be. of the first adaptation of this FPS to the world of celluloid.

Here we enter the terrain of speculation and there are large franchises that could be chosen. Apparently it will not be Turok , because in a response to a user the creative mentioned that he really tried to make the project come true.

One IP that could easily be related to Russo’s new project is BioShock , especially since there have already been attempts to get it into theaters, which were ultimately unsuccessful due to vision, rating, and budget complications.

It is important to say that a few months ago we informed you of a rumor that indicated that this project could have returned . The return of interest in the project should not be surprising, as we remember that a new game in the series is already in development , so it does not sound strange that Take-Two Interactive is betting big on the return of the IP.


You should take into account that another important franchise that Russo could be referring to is Half-Life . There is no doubt that the Valve series is one of the FPS that helped grow the genre. The IP had been dormant in recent years, but the company took it back with the development of Half-Life: Alyx . That said, it is not unreasonable to plan a return to the franchise in a big way, not only with a movie, but also with the highly anticipated third installment, especially if we take into account how well Half-Life: Alyx did. .

In an interview with Comic Book , Russo mentioned that BioShock is the video game franchise he wants to work on the most: “I think it’s one of the greatest games ever made, and I think there is a way to make it and respect it and make it in a way. way that would be possible. ” Russo even claimed that he had tried to persuade possible people he knew to make it happen.

Something interesting is that Half-Life is his favorite game, so he would like to see a movie from the series. However, the fact that its protagonist is silent would make adaptation difficult.

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