Bioware on Dragon Age and Mass Effect: “we want to rebuild our reputation”

Bioware on Dragon Age and Mass Effect: “we want to rebuild our reputation”

In a long post, the general manager of Bioware discussed the future of the studio, including the new chapters of Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

In a long post on Bioware’s official blog , general manager Gary McKay talked about the most important events of the past year and the future of the studio, which includes Mass Effect and Dragon Age , which has every intention of rebuilding its reputation by making games. of the “best quality” possible.

McKay says 2021 was “another busy year” , partly due to the pandemic that forced Bioware members to work remotely.

“We’ve had to continue to think on our feet to adapt to changing circumstances. But despite all that, it has been an absolute joy to lead a studio with so many unbelievably talented people, a team that always pushes the envelope through innovation and an unflagging pursuit of quality.”said McKay. “Continuing to work under the pressure of a world pandemic has not been easy. We’ve had to adopt new tools, processes, and ways to communicate. We’re all balancing personal time and work, and each person is dealing with their own unique situation. The biggest challenge continues to be the uncertainty of it all, which makes everyone’s life more difficult and makes it hard to plan for the future.”

In this sense, Bioware is making changes to its working regime , to offer more flexibility to employees. Like other studios, it will embrace a hybrid business model with some employees working in offices and others from home. News also for new hires, who previously asked new employees to move to Austin or Edmonton, but now they can work wherever they are.

However, 2021 also gave Bioware some satisfaction, with McKay citing in particular the success of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition . While as regards the future, the general manager explains that there is a lot of meat in the fire, starting with the new expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic arriving in February, up to the new chapters of Dragon Age and Mass Effect currently in development.

Regarding the latter, McKay among other things suggests fans to carefully examine the teaser published last November on the occasion of N7 Day , since it hides some clues. As for Dragon Age, McKay reiterates that this is a single player focused game where “choices matter”.

Finally, McKay talks about his responsibilities as Bioware’s general manager and how the firm plans to rebuild its reputation.

“We are focused on rebuilding the trust of fans and the community in us and we intend to do so by offering the types of games we are known for and making sure they are of the highest quality possible, ” said McKay. “Our mission is to“ Create worlds with adventures and conflicts that inspire you to become the hero of your own story. ”We want the launch of our games to be a milestone for the gaming industry. We want every game to get the kind of reaction we’ve seen with Mass Effect Legendary Edition. We believe we have the right people, the right creative focus and support from EA to deliver on that promise. “


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