BioWare recruits Bethesda talent for new Mass Effect

The Mass Effect trilogy was one of the most important works in the recent era of video games and when plans were announced for what was then the next generation, PS4 and Xbox One, it was thought that the next step would be incredible. . However, Mass Effect: Andromeda was not what was expected due to managerial and development errors , ushering in a dark time for BioWare. Now, the studio and the franchise will seek redemption with a new installment and interesting news has just been revealed.


Currently, we know officially that BioWare is working on a new Mass Effect and even though the studio has been on shaky ground, there is hope that things will improve and the franchise will return to the path of success. The project appears to be a long way from launch yet, but it is taking shape and it was revealed yesterday that BioWare has recruited some great talent to participate in it. Through her official Twitter account, Hilary Heskett announced that she has joined BioWare as a narrative producer for the new Mass Effect .


The addition of Hilary Heskett to the new Mass Effect project has drawn attention to the career of the creative, who already worked at BioWare from 2011 to 2013 as a community consultant and in the planning area, staying with the study until the previous one. at the launch of Anthem . Heskett subsequently moved to Bethesda, where he handled media campaigns for Elder Scrolls Online , The Evil Within 2 , Starfield, and Ghostwire Tokyo .

Recently, BioWare released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition , a remake of the original trilogy that has garnered high marks.

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