Black Myth: Wukong will now be developed on UE5, will feature Raytracing support

Black Myth: Wu Kong will return to show itself tonight, or rather tomorrow morning, with a new trailer that should show the evolution of the interesting Chinese third-person action, now in development on Unreal Engine 5 .

Black Myth: Wu Kong caused quite a stir already with its first trailer, presenting itself as an incredible triple A action RPG from China and a rather unknown team but with a truly remarkable technique. 

The new trailer will therefore arrive tomorrow, precisely on August 20, 2021 at about 4:00 in the morning , and should demonstrate the technical advances made by the developers in recent months. Meanwhile, the game has moved to Unreal Engine 5, which should guarantee an even more powerful technical base, it will have ray tracing and, based on an IGN leak that leaked a tweet ahead of time, it seems points to 4K a 60 frames per second .

For the rest, what we know is that it is an action RPG with soulslike elements based on the famous Chinese legend of the journey to the West, waiting to receive more information about it.

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